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Do you need a home recording studio?

by Jennifer Johansen 09/03/2023

It's possible to achieve great sounding music productions at home with a DIY recording studio. Rather than pay for professional studio time, you might find it's a better investment to buy and set up your own equipment at home.

Here is a quick guide to some options to help you learn more:

How much does it cost to record in a studio?

Booking time at a music studio can range from $55 - $500 per day for recording a song. This price covers most studio space as well as the services provided by the engineer. Some recording studios allow hourly rentals for smaller projects.

Building a home recording studio

A home studio can cost anywhere from $300 to more than $10,000 depending on the type and amount of equipment you buy. Other factors, like square footage of your space and whether you need to incorporate remodeling projects for sound insulation, can increase the cost as well.

Portable recording booths

If you'd rather not spend the money on equipment or full studio setup, a portable recording booth might be a good option for you. These booths were designed to help musicians and producers with audio recordings anywhere, even when far away from their own studios. 

There are many types of portable booths with different features and price points, but all include basic sound isolation technology to help your recordings.

Which type of setup is best for your audio recording session? It's important to weigh the costs with the convenience of having your own equipment at home versus visiting a commercial music production studio. 

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